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    Guidelines for Rainier Beach High School Dances
    Posted on 09/22/2016

    Guidelines for High School Dances

    High school administrators and staff support the students’ need for social interaction and opportunities to develop positive social skills. It is our intent to offer students an opportunity to enjoy a social outlet in a safe and appropriate atmosphere. In order to ensure the safety and appropriateness of that atmosphere, the following recommended set of guidelines for students’ behavior at high school dances are below.  They are:

    1.      All students must purchase their own ticket to the dance during lunch shifts, before and after school. No tickets will be sold at the door. Tickets are non-transferable. A dance conduct contract must be signed at the time of purchase. Outside guests are only allowed at formal dances such as the ball or prom, and their sponsoring student must complete a Guest Form when purchasing the ticket. Each student may only bring one outside guest per event. Guests may be no older than twenty (20) years of age unless they are enrolled in a SPS school. ALL Students will be asked to show identification when checking in at the dance.

    2.      Aside from Homecoming, dances are held at an outside location decided upon by ASB.  Dance hours are 8-12.  Students will not be admitted more than two hours after the starting time. Once students leave the dance, they may not return. Students must have arrangements to leave school property/dance location within fifteen minutes of the end of the dance. Students who fail to do so may forfeit their privilege to attend future dances.

    3.      Students may not bring any coats, book bags, purses, or other similar items into the dance. Items are to be checked at the Coat Check prior to entering the dance.

    4.      All SPS and school policies are in effect at dances, whether held on school property or at other locations. High school administrators and the sponsoring groups will work to provide staff chaperones at the ratio of one staff member chaperone for every 25-30 tickets sold. Failure to provide sufficient chaperones may result in the cancellation of the dance. Non-staff chaperones may observe the dance if accompanied by a staff member.

    5.      The sponsoring organization will provide a well-lighted dance floor and determine the level of lighting necessary to maintain a safe and acceptable atmosphere. The DJ or band providing music for the dance as well as a play list of music to be played must be approved in advance by the school administration. Dances may be videotaped by school staff.

    6.      Students are expected to dance in a manner that is acceptable and appropriate for a school activity. These expectations will be communicated to students and parents via our website. Expectations include:

    o    Wearing clothing that is appropriate for a dance and does not reveal under garments or private areas.

    o    Keeping both feet on the floor at all times

    o    Maintaining an upright, vertical position

    o    Avoiding any dancing that suggests a sexual act, including “grinding” of genital areas, bending over, or freak dancing.

    Staff Chaperones are the final judges of what is appropriate dancing. Any student who violates these expectations will be removed from the dance, upon the second reminder. Any behavior that constitutes a violation of the school district’s sexual harassment or lewd conduct policy; or violates SPS mission for a Safe  Supportive School Environment, will be addressed accordingly. Students who are removed from the dance due to a violation must call home and secure transportation.  Until their ride arrives, they will remain in a designated location away from the dance.

    How will we manage students that have violated the policies?

    All students will wear a wrist band.  Upon the first warning, the wrist band will be removed.  Upon the second warning, the student will be removed from the dance.

    7.      Administrators / Activity Coordinator will communicate expectations for student conduct and supervision and safety plans to all students, staff, and chaperones prior to the dance via email, school announcements, and our website.