8th Grade students consider the Beach!

8th Grade students consider the Beach!
Posted on 01/11/2017

Tuesday, February 14, and Thursday, February 16, South Shore students attended RBHS’s student tours (57 in total). Ms. Pearson, RBHS Family and Community Engagement Specialist, kindly greeted South Shore students and were warmly welcomed into the school. RBHS ASB students gave an informative, fun and engaging presentation about programs at RB. Students were also welcomed by the assistant principal. Eighth grade students were split into groups and taken on a tour of the academic setting by joining a variety of classrooms. After the tour students came back together for a RB student panel – the students of RB were so welcoming, honest and helpful. As we walked back to school, 8th graders shared that they thought “RB seems so cool, I like that the classes are smaller and you can get to know your teachers”, “it seems like everyone cares about each other there”, “even the principals were nice”, “can we come back tomorrow?”. It was a great tour and experience for our 8th grade students.

These are comments from 8th grade students who visited the Beach on February 14th.  Great things are happening at the Beach!

What did you learn about Rainier Beach High School after attending this trip?

“The teachers seem really nice”

“Rainier Beach High School has more opportunity than I thought”

“I like Rainier Beach more now”

“This helped me understand the school more”

“What people said about it was wrong”

“that it is like one big family and that there is a lot to learn about”

“There are a lot of activities”

“It made me decide to go to Rainier Beach”

“It is fun and not mostly about the bad reputation”


What was something you learned today you didn’t know before about high school?

“I learned about the IB Program”

“9th grade starts the foundation of your high school career”

“You need 60 hours of community service”


What questions do you still have about high school?

“What are some popular clubs that they have”

“How are drop outs dealt with?”

“How many people graduate?”

“How many people go to college at your school?”

“where do you do online classes?”

“What GPA do you need to graduate?” (although they learned about this from the counselor’s session at Cleveland”


What part of the field trip was the most interesting or valuable?

“When they describe some classes and see the gym”

“When the students explained their experiences in the 9th grade”

“The video from Rainier Beach”

“Visiting classrooms”

“the tour”

“I like going to the classes and looking at a HS Classrom”

“The cooking class at Raineir Beach because it smelled good”

“The tour and the people who walked with us”



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