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Upcoming Events
Repeating Event - Football Practice
3:20 PM - 5:20 PM
RBHS Important Dates

5/21       Thursday           Multicultural Night Dessert Bar 6pm Concert 7pm
5/25       Monday             No School - Memorial Day Holiday
5/29       Friday               Senior Day Laser Tag Leave RB @9:30am
5/30       Saturday           Saturday School 9 - noon RBHS Cafeteria
6/2 - 6/4                          EOC testing
6/2         Tuesday            Senior Awards Dinner/Event 5:30-8:00pm Library
6/3 - 6/4                          Early Release at 12:50 
6/5         Friday               Viking Day
6/8         Monday             Senior Checkout  
6/10       Wednesday       Graduation 5pm Memorial Stadium (Seniors arrive by 4pm)
6/16       Tuesday            Last Day of School - One hour early dismissal 

RBHS Multicultural Event May 21, 2015

You are invited to Rainier Beach's Annual Multicultural Event Thursday, May 21, 2015, at the Paul Robeson Performing Arts Center with a Desert Bazaar (suggested donation $5.00) beginning at 6:00 pm and concluding with a free Concert scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm. Rainier Beach High School is located at 8815 Seward Park Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98118. Seating for the Concert is limited to 600 people and is on a first-come-first-served basis.


The Rainier Beach High School Multicultural Festival is a showcase of the talent of Southeast Seattle area youth and has long been credited with creating the model for multicultural programming in the arts for the Seattle School District; promoting an atmosphere of unity, tolerance and ethnic awareness among the student body as well as the wider community.


Our Multicultural event is funded in part by the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, King County Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention Programs, Neighborhood House, SE Seattle P.E.A.C.E. Coalition and Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.


Please see the attached flyer for more complete information.


We hope you will attend!

April 23, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Senior Timeline from Ms. Wallace
Graduation Countdown! Here’s what you need to know...
Friday, May 29                      Laser tag at Laser Quest& BBQ at Coulon Park
                                                Turn in permission forms to Ms. Hallberg
 LOOKING FOR more adult chaperones (one for the bus to/from laser tag and one to set up/take down BBQ at Coulon Park)
                                                Leave RB at 9:15am, return in afternoon at end of school day
Tuesday, June 2                     Senior Dinner & Awards Ceremony
                                                Dinner for ALL seniors in the Library; awards to follow dinner
                                                5:30pm dinner, awards at 6:15pm
Friday, June 5                        Viking Day (and Moving Up Assembly)
Shortened classes (approx.. 20 minutes each – schedule to follow), afternoon activities
Monday, June 8                     Senior Checkout
                                                Teacher/counselor signatures, fines (Abdullah), cap and gown distribution (JURDY)
Wednesday, June 10             GRADUATION & Grad Night Celebration          
                                                Mandatory Rehearsal at Memorial Stadium arrive at Beach at 8:30am
                                                            Must be present at rehearsal to walk that evening
                                                Graduation at Memorial Stadium 5:00-7:00pm (STUDENTS ARRIVE AT 4PM)
                                                Grad Night Argosy CruiseAGC Marina at Lake Union at 8:30pm (return at 12am)
                                                                                Permission slips will be distributed in the coming week
May 21, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

May 2015 PTSA Newsletter
May 14, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Senior Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Dinner for Seniors and their families in the Library at 5:30; awards to follow dinner 
at 6:15.
May 14, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Graduation 2015!!!

Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal at Memorial Stadium, Wednesday, June 10th. Arrive at Beach at 8:30am. Must be present at rehearsal to walk that evening.

Graduation will be Wednesday, June 10th at Memorial Stadium. The ceremony will begin at 5:00. Seniors need to arrive by 4pm in their caps and gowns. Graduation from 5 - 7pm.

Grad Night Argosy Cruise - AGC Marina at Lake Union at 8:30pm (return at 12am).


May 14, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Surprise Guest - Richard Sherman visits RBHS during Spring Assembly

Richard Sherman visited Rainier Beach High School on April 23 during our Spring Assembly. His appearance surprised staff and students. Mr. Sherman shared observations and lessons from his life. Students listened attentively as four students and a few staff members asked thoughtful questions.

From Mr. Sherman's blog, "The kids were fantastic, we have 5 contracts signed from kids that vow to improve in various areas that they have been struggling in. The message of the day was if you are serious about success then you cannot allow yourself to be lead astray by someone trying to be 'cool'." It is such a powerful message for our students!

Thank-you to Richard Sherman and Blanket Coverage, A Richard Sherman Family Foundation. It was an amazing afternoon! 

For more information and pictures check out our Facebook page.

Also, here is a link to Richard Sherman's blog.

April 24, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

The University of Washington Dream Project at RBHS

The UW Dream Project’s main objective is to assist students via mentorship, in overcoming adversities to achieve the highest level of education necessary to reach their dreams. Higher education includes technical colleges, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities. Since the start of the school year, high school students and Dream Project mentors have been working hard together to make sure that everyone has been taking the right steps towards their ideal post-high school aspirations.

Please click here for more information.

April 21, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

State Testing Information
State Testing Questions Anwered!

Parents have many questions about the state testing and graduation requirements. Here is a link to the OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction) website. It discusses and gives time frames for End of Course Exams (EOC), High school Proficiency Exams (HSPE), Washington Alternate Assessment System-Developmentally Appropriate Proficiency Exam (WAAS-DAPE), Washington Alternate Assessment System (WAAS) Portfolio, and the Washington English Language Proficiency Assessment (WELPA). OSPI Testing link.
January 21, 2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

Parent Information for Collection of Evidence

Parent COE Information

COE Eligibility


Any student who has attempted the state test one time in the applicable content area

Transfer students who meet the criteria for Direct Access

Students who have been authorized to complete a subsequent COE

A student may submit one full COE, and subsequent COEs as needed, in each of the content areas (reading, writing, mathematics and biology) during their high school career.


Eligible to Compile: All high school students who have completed two or more years of high school English

Eligible to Submit: A student who has attempted and not met standard on the reading and/or writing HSPE.


Eligible to Compile: Students are eligible to work on a mathematics year 1 COE if they have taken or are currently enrolled in a high school algebra 1 or integrated 1 mathematics course. Students are eligible to work on a mathematics year 2 COE if they have taken or are currently enrolled in a high school geometry or integrated 2 mathematics course.

Eligible to Submit: A student who has attempted and not met standard on a mathematics EOC.


Eligible to Compile: Students are eligible to work on a biology COE if they have taken or are currently enrolled in a high school biology course.
Eligible to Submit: A student who has attempted and not met standard on a biology EOC.

Please go to the COE guidelines and policies for additional information: Subsequent COEs - Updated 10/1/2014

Students have an opportunity to submit a subsequent COE after not meeting standard on a previous one. A subsequent COE must follow similar protocols for submission as those for original COEs in terms of using inclusion bank tasks, meeting sufficiency requirements and submitting the collection during the submission windows published by the state. Subsequent COEs do not qualify for the stipend and incur a $200 scoring fee. District Assessment Coordinators must authorize the development of a subsequent COE. Instructions can be found at: http://www.coe.k12.wa.us/domain/53

Standard Subsequent COE: If a student’s original COE score is above 50% of the proficient cut-score the student is limited to a subsequent COE with exactly four new work samples. It is recommended that at least one of the four new samples be completed as an on-demand task. If the decision is not to include a new on-demand task, the student’s previous on-demand tasks will be included in deriving a new total score. Sufficiency requirements are outlined as follows:

Sufficiency requirements for Standard Subsequent COE submission:

Biology and Mathematics: Examples of every strand must be represented in the collection.

Reading: Two literary work samples and two informational (including functional text and CTE options) work samples required.

Writing: Two expository work samples and two persuasive work samples required.

Expanded Subsequent COE: An expanded subsequent COE may be submitted if the student’s full collection has a score that is less than or equal to 50% of the proficient cut-score for the content area (e.g., Year 1 Math proficient cut-score is 24 and the student’s submission is scored 12 or less). An expanded subsequent collection contains 5 or 6 new work samples with two on-demand tasks required.

Sufficiency requirements for Expanded Subsequent COE submission:

Biology and Mathematics: Examples of every strand must be represented in the collection. At least two on-demand work samples are required.

Reading: At least two literary work samples and two informational (including functional text and CTE options) work samples required. At least 2 on-demand work samples are required with at least one literary and at least one informational included.

Writing: At least two expository work samples and two persuasive work samples required. At least two on-demand work samples are required with at least one expository and one persuasive sample included.

Content Area

Cut Score

Standard Subsequent

Expanded Subsequent




36 and below




8 and below

Math Yr 1



11 and below

Math Yr 2



7 and below




20 and below


COE Assessment Materials - Policy Revised October 3, 2014

COE Assessment materials must be secure at all times.

The COE inclusion banks of passages, tasks, prompts and scenarios are not to be used for instruction or curriculum. COE tasks are not to be used, in part or entirety, as templates or samples for instructional purposes. COE materials are for the assessment only. Duplication of the COE materials for any purpose other than providing students with the materials needed to respond to the tasks for submission is not allowed. Whenever inclusion tasks are used by students whether in print or online all administration protocol must be followed per guidelines for this secure state assessment.

  • Math tasks may be printed one per student for the sole purpose of submitting them in a collection.
  • Reading passages may be printed one per student for the sole purpose of reviewing the text and drafting responses. All final answers on the reading COE tasks must be submitted in the online system.
  • Writing prompts may be printed one per student for the sole purpose of brainstorming, drafting, and revising work. All final work on the writing COE prompt must be submitted in the online system.
    • For reading and writing: At the time of submission, any or all printed materials must be destroyed in a secure setting. Printed materials used for on-demand tasks must be destroyed in a secure setting immediately following the student submitting the task. Printed materials used for extended time responses must be held in a secure setting in the classroom, not shared with other educators, and not held over from previous administrations.
  • Biology tasks may be printed one per student for the sole purpose of drafting a response to a question. The printed material allows the student to read the inclusion bank task while simultaneously entering their work in the response box. All final answers on the biology COE tasks must be submitted through the online system.
    • Printed materials used for on-demand tasks must be destroyed at the end of the testing session. Only print the item within the task that is being worked on during that testing session.
    • Printed materials used for extended time responses must be held by the teacher at the end of each testing session, and then destroyed in a secure setting once the student has completed their extended time task.


Sufficiency: A COE must meet all sufficiency requirements in order to be scored.

Sufficiency and Mathematics collections: If a student submits a task without any student work included, the task is removed from the collection and is not scored. Removal of an entire task may result in the collection having fewer than 6 work samples or fewer than two on-demand work samples which would result in an insufficient collection. Insufficient collections are returned to the district unscored.

The on-demand work samples differ from the extended time work samples in that on-demand work samples must be completed in a single continuous setting (session); Biology allows for an on-demand work sample to be completed in parts.

At least two on-demand work samples must be included in a COE.

Reading: http://www.coe.k12.wa.us/Page/126
Writing: http://www.coe.k12.wa.us/Page/127
Mathematics: http://www.coe.k12.wa.us/Page/128
Biology: http://www.coe.k12.wa.us/domain/49


Test Security: All extended time responses and on-demand responses must be done under the supervision of the teacher or educational professional and are not to be taken outside the classroom or testing area. The room should be prepared for testing following the same guidelines as the content specific HSPE or EOC. Proctors must be trained on guidelines and procedures for administration. All work on a COE is only to be that of the applicable student.

Preparation for task administration in the classroom: In the reading, writing, mathematics, and biology guidelines specific instructions for administrating tasks in the classroom or another secure location will be provided. The content-specific guidelines will cover room and material preparation, proctor responsibilities for on-demand and extended-time work, content policies, and management of secure test materials. DAC and Teacher COE training: Similar to the HSPE and EOC proctor training, the COE training is designed to provide the critical information to implement the COE assessment with fidelity to the security protocols and best practices for assessing students. It is expected that all COE teachers participate in this training prior to implementing the COE assessment.

Security protocolsmust be followed in order to maintain the validity of the COE assessment tasks and other materials associated with the assessment. The online COE inclusion bank stores all COE tasks in the four content areas. The inclusion bank is a secure test site and, similar to the large-scale state assessments, the assessment materials are limited for use by the students compiling and submitting collections. Educators may not share the tasks, remove tasks from the classroom, use tasks for classroom instruction or duplicate tasks in part or in its entirety for any reason. Printing of the math tasks, passages from the reading tasks, and diagram pages for Biology tasks is to be done on behalf of a student, in support of the student’s specific need.


Test irregularities:

Students with invalidated collections must compile a full collection consisting of entirely new tasks.

• 6 - 8 samples

• Minimum of two on-demand

• Full strand coverage

Please see the Test Irregularities Section of the COE guidelines here.


COE and Accommodations:

Universal tools, designated supports and accommodations are detailed in the state's accessibilities guidelines. The Collection of Evidence is designed to support these accessibility features. COE students may access accommodations as stated in their IEP or 504 plan. For more information, refer to the WA Accessibility Guidelines or contact assessment@k12.wa.us for more information.

Large Print Accommodation - Process for handling large print inclusion tasks for students with vision impairments:

Mathematics COE-Provide instructional intervention and practice opportunities as relevant for the student. In preparation for the student to begin compilation of the inclusion bank task, print out the task on 8.5”x11” and 11”x17” (or larger) paper. Retain the printed tasks in a secure location in the classroom. When the student is ready to complete the task provide the student with the large print task. For an extended-time task that is completed during one or more sessions, the printed task must be stored in a secure location between sessions. On-demand tasks must be completed in one session and have the printed task retained in a secure location until the whole collection is ready for submission. Upon completion of the task, an educator will transcribe the student work (verbatim) from the large print task (11”x17” or larger) onto the regular sized task (8.5”x11”). Once the task has been fully transcribed, both the large task and the regular task will be retained securely at the school until submission of the collection. All paper-based copies of the task must be submitted to the COE Scoring Center at ESD 113.

Reading, Writing and Biology COE-please contact OSPI COE staff for assistance.


English Language Learners:

All student responses must be submitted in English.

Mathematics and biology may have the assessment materials presented to them in their native language.

  • Human readers employed by the district.
  • District-provided print translation of the materials (print translations must be accomplished by school or district staff)
  • Word-to-word translation device reading directions, stimuli, and questions to the student in his or her native language.

For the mathematics and biology collections, the oral presentation will require the human reader to translate, as close to verbatim as possible, all stimulus materials (e.g., science scenarios, mathematics problems, and test questions).

Writing may have an oral presentation of the writing prompt:

  • A district-provided print translation of the prompt (print translations must be accomplished by school or district staff)
  • A word-to-word translation device reading the prompt in his or her native language

Reading may have an oral presentation of the directions only:

  • A district-provided print translation of the directions and items/questions (print translations must be accomplished by school or district staff.
  • A word-to-word translation device reading the directions or items/questions in his or her other native language

Translation in any format is not permitted for the passage/stimulus for the reading tasks.

Students may use bilingual word-to-word dictionaries that assist students; dictionaries must not include definitions that would aid the student with identifying or generating responses.
If print translations are provided to students, the print materials must be handled and disposed of following the same security protocols established specific to the COE program.


Level 2 Cut Score for COE

The L2 cut-score for COEs and the ability of students to meet standard at a‘Basic’ level in a given subject in accordance with decisions made by a student’s IEP team are effective immediately, allowing for retroactive application of ‘Basic’ in the established content areas (reading, writing, mathematics and biology). “Retro Basic” updates will be available to any students still enrolled in the K-12 system, per concurrence of the IEP team.

The following outlines the specifics of each content area’s Proficient Cut and Level 2 cut-score:

COE Cut Scores

Total Points

Proficient Cut

Level 2 Cut









Math Yr 1




Math Yr 2









January 20,2015 | Contact:            (206) 252-6350

PTSA Arm Sox Fundraiser!
PTSA Arm Sox fundraiser.  
What: PTSA Orange and Blue Arm Sox (can be worn as leg warmers) fundraiser
Cost: $10 a pair
Purpose: To assist students with their pay to play fees and/or their ASB cards.  

Please contact rainierbeachptsa@gmail.com if you want to purchase a pair.

November 15, 2014 |


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