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    5th Annual B.L.O.C. Party a Resounding Success
    Posted on 03/30/2019

    On March 27, 2019, our community came together for the 5th Anniversary of the B.L.O.C.* Party at Rainier Beach High School. This year's theme centered around a powerful vision... "What if we were free? How would education be different?"

    We welcomed over 100 community members leading 40 different workshops on a wide range of topics -- from gender, social, economic, health, housing, and food justice to issues of race and immigration, human trafficking, and unpacking colorism to our community's history of activism, resistance, and resiliency to challenges we face in our lives today, such as gentrification and racial inequity. The highlights of the day also included an inspirational all-community assembly and coming together at the end of the day to share student art and performances.

    We thank Rainier Beach High School WA-B.L.O.C. for putting together such a powerful all-day event, our students, staff, and community members for their hard work in the spirit of sharing and solidarity, and above all -- our amazing community volunteers for spending the day with us sharing their knowledge and wisdom with our students.

    Please enjoy this photo album of the event (all photographs by Joyce Chase for WA-BLOC).

    * Building Leaders of Change