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    Fight Educational Injustice: Join the IB@RB Campaign!
    Posted on 10/11/2019

    Money allocated by the State only covers the bare minimum graduation requirements. Our students deserve opportunities beyond the bare minimum. Fight educational injustice by joining our IB @ RB Campaign!

    The IB@RB Fund—powered by your donations—funds a wide variety of programs, aligned with our vision of providing a rigorous college preparatory program to ALL students.

    Your donations support every student at Rainier Beach in many ways, such as:

    • Student Achievement Programs: We provide financial support for dual credit testing, tutoring programs, math lab classes, and academic interventionists.
    • Teachers: We are looking to restore full teacher positions in 10th-grade History and Visual Arts. We are also looking to expand our IB World Language and ELL programs. 
    • Professional Development: We aim to have every teacher trained in their International Baccalaureate field including 9th and 10th-grade teachers.
    • Health and Student Wellness: We fund a full-time social worker and a full-time family support worker.
    • Race and Equity: We want to continue to grow our practice around Restorative Justice, Culturally Responsive Teaching, and Ethnic Studies. 

    On behalf of our students, faculty, and staff, thank you for your generosity. Every dollar helps sustain and strengthen all the qualities that make Rainier Beach so outstanding.
    Thank you, and Go Vikings!   

    Contribute to the IB@RB Fund: Our 2019-2020 goal is $250,000!