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    Rainier Beach High School Family Update
    Posted on 10/26/2020

    October 26, 2020


    Greetings Viking Families!

    We hope you continue to be safe and well!  It has been 7 ½ weeks of remote learning and the end of first quarter is in sight (November 5th).  Please check the SOURCE for an update of your scholar’s progress.

    Our staff has been working hard to provide our scholars with an excellent remote learning experience and your support has been incredible.  Thank you for inviting us into your homes virtually each day.  We know it has been difficult for many of our families during this time, so please know that we are here to support you!  Over the last two weeks, we have mobilized our Home Visit team to support families with technology and encouraging scholars who are struggling with remote learning.  If you believe your scholar would benefit from a home visit, please email us at (We practice safe COVID-19 guidelines for visits)

    Many of you have asked questions about tutoring support for your scholars and the grading policy.  Below, please find the extra academic support and virtual tutoring provided by our community partners along with the District’s grading policy for this school year.  We also have academic intervention staff assigned to each grade level to connect your scholars to support as well.  If your scholar is experiencing difficulty in any of their classes, please reach out to your scholar’s teacher first, then your grade level interventionist if you need more support.

    In our efforts to increase student and family voice in our decision-making processes, we are proud to announce that we have student and family representation on our Building Leadership Team (BLT) and our Race and Equity Team (RET).  We do have an available seat on our BLT for a family member.  If you are interested in serving our school in this capacity, please contact our BLT co-chairs, Ms. Lanita Hill ( and Ms. Sarah Moges (





    Middle and High School

    • Teachers will do their best to ensure grades are upgraded on Source every 2 weeks.
    • "A" through "C-" or "Incomplete" grades are the only options for final grade marking for the 2020-21 school year.
    • The "C-" final grade cut off is 70% on the 100 point scale. This means if your student has a grade below 70% as their final grade, they will receive an "Incomplete."
    • An "Incomplete" will only be earned after a detailed support process involving the teacher, relevant learning team (e.g., IEP team), and school leaders.
    • As in the spring, "D" and "E" scores will still be visible in the gradebook and on the Source. However, teachers will convert "D" and "E" grades into "Incomplete" final grades at the end of the semester.
    • Courses that are designated as "Pass/No Pass" before the start of the semester will be graded as "Pass/Incomplete" at the end of the semester.

    If students are at risk of earning an "Incomplete," the student and their family will be informed well in advance of final grades. If they earn an "Incomplete" as their final grade, the student will have the opportunity to appeal or work with their teacher to create and complete a learning plan to earn a letter grade and the course credit.

    At the mid-point of any quarter, if a student is earning an "Incomplete", then the teacher will begin updating the gradebook every two weeks and provide the student and family with a list of what the student can do to improve their learning outcomes and course grade.  

    If students with IEPs and 504s are at risk of earning an "Incomplete," the student's educator will consult with their IEP case manager or the school-based 504 team, as well as the student and their family, to review student progress, ensure appropriate supports, accommodations, and modifications are present for remote learning and develop a plan for completing the course and earning credit.

    Running Start and College in High School

    For students in Running Start and College in High School courses, the only grades that can appear on their high school transcript for this year are "A" through "C-" or "Incomplete," regardless of what may have been submitted by a college instructor.

    However, the SPS grading policy does not apply to college transcript grades. Any "Incompletes" from the college should be made up by wor



    Each day, every teacher is available during “Asynchronous” time in the afternoons from 1:35pm to 3:50pm to provide extra help, small group support, etc.  IF YOUR SCHOLAR NEEDS EXTRA SUPPORT, HELP THEM LOG IN TO THESE SESSIONS.  Most classes use the same link as the live sessions. 

    WA-BLOC, our community partner, offers homework help every Wednesday from 12:30pm-4:30pm using this link on Zoom:,  Meeting ID: 849 8574 6603, Passcode:  BLOC

    Microsoft’s Care for Students provides small group virtual tutoring with volunteer Microsoft employees using TEAMS.  Please email your math teacher to sign your scholar up.  We will send out the tutoring links by course on our Viking app this week.



    HELP!  Who do I contact to help my scholar with academic support?

    Your first contact should always be to your scholar’s teacher as they can give you detailed feedback.  We also know that some of our scholar’s need extra support such as a mentor, accountability to attend asynchronous and tutoring sessions, or someone to help them advocate for themselves.  Below, please find the names of our Academic Intervention Specialists at each grade level.  You may have already received communication from these folks if your scholar is performing below a C in any of their classes.  If not, please reach out to them.

    9th grade: Ms. Anne Dugas

    10th grade: Ms. Angie Thomas

    11th grade: Ms. Ann DeGroot

    12th grade: School Counselors



    If you haven’t done so, please download the NEW Viking App!  This is the best way to get updated news and events directly to your phone.  Go to Playstore or Applestore on your phone and search for “Rainier Beach High School-WA”.  You can also download the app to your desktop on your computer.



    If your scholar has not picked up their ORCA card, they must do so by Tuesday, October 27th from 12pm-2pm outside the main office doors.  The District will collect all unclaimed cards after this date.



    Please send us your honest feedback on how the school year is going for your scholar and your family.  What is working?  What is not?  Do you have needs that we haven’t addressed?  We value your opinions and comments and we know we can’t do better unless we get your feedback.  Please email one or all of us.

    Ivory Brooks, Interim Principal

    Annie Patu, Assistant Principal

    Renee Willette, Assistant Principal


    “CAMERAS ON” Campaign

    As you may already know, virtual learning can be difficult for many of our scholars who may not feel comfortable with cameras on in their homes.  It can also be difficult for our teachers to gauge feedback and active learning if a scholar’s camera is always off.  We are asking our families to partner with us to help your scholar turn their cameras on, especially when sharing out responses to the class.  If there is a valid reason for the camera being off, please make sure they communicate with their teacher in the chat box or email the teacher directly.  Here are some tips to help your scholar feel more comfortable with cameras on.  We understand if some of these suggestions are not possible in your home.

    • Change the virtual background to “blur” or an appropriate pic
    • Find a quiet space in the home, if possible, to engage in live class sessions
    • Turn camera on and point it to a wall or an object.Work on showing parts of your face in camera until you feel comfortable and safe to show your entire face in camera.



    Class of 2021 Senior Meeting is this Thursday (10/29 during Advisory).  Please make sure your senior logs in and attends so they can receive important information for graduation.  The Graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021 will be held on Monday, June 14th

    Throughout the month of October, counselors will be scheduling individual meetings with every Senior to ensure they are on track for graduation.  Please email the counselors if you would like to be a part of the meeting.  Annie Zhou (A-K), Savali Taamu (L-Z)



    College Success Foundation (CSF) is holding FAFSA workshops to help you and your scholar apply for federal government funding for college.  ALL SENIORS NEED TO COMPLETE THE FAFSA.  Please reach out to Andi Sandman ( for more info. Or check out the info on our school app for upcoming dates.


    SEATTLE PROMISE (For Seniors)

    This program provides every SPS graduate with 2 years of free college tuition to Seattle Central, South Seattle, or North Seattle Community Colleges.  Seniors must sign up to receive this amazing opportunity.  Contact Derek Reddicks for more info (



    Rainier Beach is serving up delicious hot lunches every day between 11:15am and 1:15pm. You are welcome to pick up lunches each day for your entire family!  Every Tuesday between 10am-1pm, we give out quality produce, meat and milk products in partnership with the SE Network Safe Passage Team.  Families are welcomed to pick up what you need.  Food is distributed on side of building on Henderson St.



    Attendance is essential for your scholar’s academic success!  We are making weekly calls to students who have recorded 5 or more unexcused absences.  Please continue to help us make sure your child logs in each day!  Please send us updated contact information using this link: UPDATED CONTACT AND NEEDS FORM

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