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    Various interscholastic sports are offered at Rainier Beach. Those participating in Metro sports and other extracurricular activities must be passing five academic subjects and maintaining a 2.0 GPA or above. Athletes must have a physical examination, purchase an Activity Card and purchase insurance. Time, effort, determination and good sportsmanship are a must for those wishing to participate in various sports.

    Athletic Director: George Foster | 206-252-6383

    Sports Registration Packet with Teen Health Center Section
    Individual Sports Forms
    Rainier Beach High School Metro League Schedule

    Fall Sports

    Must have paperwork in before 1st day of practice

    Cross Country

    Head Coach: Stephanie Melrose 
            Practice:    3:00 pm -


    Head coach: Matt Holt


    Head Coach: Corey Sampson, 2nd  David Hughes, Jude Desti, J. Carter, Michael Johnson, Leon Hatch, Nick Ragland-Johnson, Quinton Jackson, Matt Saegesser, Sili Kalepo
            Practice:     M - F   3:00 - 6:00 pm   Sat  9:00 - 1:00 pm  
                      ****   AUGUST 31st Only  practice at 9:00 am   ****


    Head Coach: Alexandra Catibayan
            Practice:     M - F     4:00 - 6:30 pm

    Girls' Soccer

    Head Coach: Uchenna Aroh, 2nd Ashley Dobiash      Practice:  2:30 pm - 

    Winter Sports

    Winter Sports paper due date: Must have paperwork in before 1st day of practice

    Boys Basketball

    Head Coach: Mike Bethea, 1st Asst. coach: Harold Wright, David King, David BelMonte 

    Girls Basketball

    Head Coaches:  Mychal Ladd, Mary Willey


    Head Coach: Derek Lopez

    Spring Sports

    Spring Sports paper due date: Must have paperwork in before 1st day of practice


    Head Coach: Gerald Smiley 

    Boys Soccer

    Head Coach Richard Romain-


    Head Coach: Evan Tomchick


    Boys Head Coach: Derrick Brito
    Girls Head Coach: Bianca Greene


    Head Coach: Irvin MacQuarrie

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Head Coaches: Johnathan Masler, Molly Sinnot

    Athletic Applications, Brochures & More Information

    Athletic Forms & Applications

    Student Athletic Handbook - will be available in the fall

    Please visit the Athletic Department for more information.