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    Bring every day, charge every nightIt has been over a month since Rainier Beach High School students received individual district-provided laptops to use for schoolwork. These laptops are making a tremendous difference in providing our students with equitable access to technology both at school and at home.

    We ask families to please remind our students of the following three requests until they become a habit:
    1. Please fully charge your laptop at home every night. 
    2. Bring your charged laptop to school every day, since we are not able to provide additional laptops.
    3. Take good care of your laptop. In particular, please do not place heavy items on top of your laptop to avoid damage to the screen.

    Laptop Remindersraminders

    • Keep your laptop in  your backpack when not in use
    • Charge your laptop at home overnight
    • Leave your charger at home
    • Keep food and drink away from your laptop
    • Do not share your login information with anyone*


    *except your parents

    Student Laptop Fixes

    graphic of laptop and chargerStudents, try these fixes first BEFORE you head to the Library or the Tech Office.

    If your laptop will not turn on:
    Plug laptop into a charger and try again. Hold down the On button, count to 10, release and then press it again.

    If your laptop is frozen: 
    Hold down the On button, count to 10, release and then press it again.

    If your password doesn't work:
    Check Caps Lock, confirm your login, and reset password with a teacher.

    If an Office application will not start:
    Restart your computer.

    If your laptop isn't connected to Wi-Fi:
    Restart your laptop. From the Login screen, turn Airplane mode on and off. Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.

    If your charger has issues: 
    If your charger stops working, please see the Tech Specialist.

    If your laptop's keyboard or touchpad doesn't work:
    Restart your laptop, then try again.

    If you are having language issues with your keyboard:
    Go to the Control Panel, click on Clock, Language and Region, click Language, and make sure you have the correct language selected. 

    If your issues are not resolved: 
    Back up your files to OneDrive, then come see the Tech Specialist or Librarian.