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    Class of 2021 Senior Dates & Information

    Congratulations, Class of 2021!

    We are excited to be hosting an in-person graduation this year. Graduation will be at Memorial Stadium at 5:30 PM on Monday, June 14th. Please scroll down for detailed information about safety protocols this year and everything you need to know to have a fun and safe experience! 

    Below please find important dates and info for the next few weeks.

    Upcoming Dates

    Graduation Practice – RBHS Football Field – June 9th 12:30-3:30 PM

    • You must attend practice in order to receive your tickets to graduation.
    • Last chance to pick up cap and gown.  Herff Jones National Achievers will be on site starting from 12:30-2:00 so arrive early if you still need to pick up a cap and gown.

    Senior Send Off Parade & Check Out – June 11th – 12-3:00 PM

    • Please arrive according to the following schedule:
      • Last names A-H: 12 - 1 PM
      • Last names I-P: 1 - 2 PM
      • Last names Q-Z: 2 - 3 PM
    • Return your laptop (including charger and case), hotspot if you borrowed one, books, calculators, and receive your special awards and prizes. 
    • Families can decorate their cars, seniors wear cap and gown, and drive through to each station to check out. 
    • If you do not have a car, you can walk up to each station

    Graduation! – June 14, 2021 at 5:30 PM – Memorial Stadium

    Graduation Details

    Ticket Process

    1. All students will receive 4 tickets and 4 bracelets that must be worn to enter the stadium.  There are no exceptions.  Your ticket assigns your family to a specific pod.  While it is your ticket that identifies your pod, the bracelet identifies your school.  Our bracelets are orange.  You must have both to enter the stadium.
    2. Lap infants under one can attend without a ticket.
    3. Students will pick up their tickets on June 9th during our mandatory rehearsal.  The school district has assigned your seats; not Ms. Thomas. The seating was done randomly.  As a result, siblings may have family members sitting in different sections of the stadium. 
    4. You must meet with Ms. Thomas and sign for your tickets to be released. As soon as you receive your tickets, TAKE A PICTURE OF ALL OF THEM.  This is to serve as back up in case you lose or misplace them.

    Wheelchair Access

    We want to accommodate families needing wheelchair access. If you have an attending family member that is in a wheelchair or requires assistance with mobility or access, you must notify Ms. Thomas as soon as possible.


    There are a number of pay-to-park garages with restricted capacity due to social distancing. Please visit this link for details:

    Entrance into The Ceremony

    1. Student entrance will include Qualtrics check-in; guest entrance will include self-attestation process.
    2. Covid safety protocols to be followed including 6ft spacing, masks required, and PPE and hand sanitizer available. Entrance to event will be controlled with upper NE and SE entrances used for guests and lower SE entrance used for graduates.
    3. Graduating seniors, after entering at the lower NE “tunnel” entrance will gather at W endzone. School staff will provide name cards to students once in line.

    During the Ceremony

    1. Restrooms are operating at a very limited capacity.
    2. Students will walk up the ramp, hand name card to either Ms. Brown or Mr. Tomchick.  You do not shake hands.  Handshakes or other contact between students and staff must be very limited.  As the student walks across the stage, they will grab a diploma cover from the table.  You will walk to the center ramp and remove your mask briefly for a photo then return your mask and return to your seat.  We will discuss more during practice.
    3. You will have a program placed on your seat.
    4. Graduating seniors will process in rows, rather than in traditional circling of the field; designated staff and dignitaries will lead each row with 6 foot spacing between each senior; all will stand until procession music ends and then will sit in designated seats. Again, we will discuss what this looks like during practice.
    5. Graduating seniors will be directed to side staging area by designated staff when the “reading of the graduates” begins; seniors will maintain appropriate spacing; seniors will walk across the stage while their name is read out loud, and will return one-by-one to their original assigned seat
    6. Graduating seniors with specific mobility issues will be supported by a staff member, and in all ways possible fully participate in the graduation ceremony.

    Exiting the Ceremony & Meeting up with Your Graduate

    1. Guest remain seated until all students have exited.
    2. Post-graduation “celebrations” on the field are not allowed.
    3. At conclusion of graduation, students will recess out the NW utility gate towards the central fountains; guests will recess out approved exits.  If seated in the lower bowl, you will be permitted to use the NW utility gate once all students and staff have cleared the field. 
    4. Meet up with your graduate by the fountain. 
    5. All guests and graduates are encouraged to depart as quickly as possible after the graduation ends, so please limit your celebrations and photographs by the fountain to 15 minutes or less.

    Do you have fines to pay?

    SchoolPay is a safe and quick way to review and pay all of your student’s fees or fines from the comfort of your own home or mobile device. You can pay with your credit/debit card. 

    Making a payment using SchoolPay:

    1. Go to the school portal for parents, The Source and login with your email address and password.
    2. Click on the SchoolPay tab in the left hand column.
    3. When you click the SchoolPay tab:
      • Your account will be created automatically and you will be taken into the SchoolPay Payment Center.
      • You will also receive an email from SchoolPay with login credentials that provide you the option to log in directly from 
    4. Once you arrive at the Payment Center, you can make payment immediately. There is no activation required. Your students will already be connected to your account. 
    5. You can continue to log in through the Source, or access the Payment Center through using the credentials provided in the welcome email.

    Save Important School Files

    You should plan to move important school files (from your school OneDrive, etc.) to a personal account you'll be able to access after your school account is disabled:

    1. This step may sound funny and is optional – but we suggest that you first download your docs to a thumb drive.
    2. Then turn around and upload off the thumb drive to your Google account (Google Drive). While it's true that you COULD direct-upload to a Google Drive from OneDrive, you should only do it while within a district wi-fi so the upload is not interrupted by possible unstable wireless elsewhere, especially if you have a lot of large files you want to move. (Plus, a thumb drive will serve as extra backup in case something happens to your Google account.)
    3. You should complete this move before you turn in your school laptop.

    As always, don't hesitate to contact your teacher or Ms. Moges if you have any questions.

    International Baccalaureate Scores

    IB scores will be released in early July.  Student can log in here using the same log in and pin provided to upload their work here  If students received college credit, a 4 or higher, they can send their IB transcript from this site as well.