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Coming Together as a Family Today and Always

Principal Message – November 9, 2022

Dear Rainier Beach High School Family, 

Most of you have probably heard the very sad news that yesterday, there was an incident of gun violence at one of our SPS schools. An Ingraham High School student was shot and killed on campus. A suspect is in custody. Ingraham students were released at noon and reunited with their families. Our collective hearts are broken as we think about the tragic loss of one of our SPS students. We send our deepest condolences to the victim’s family and the Ingraham High School community. 

Below are some resources for families to aid discussions about incidents like this:

Additionally, Crisis Connections provides a 24-hour crisis line 866-427-4747,, or Teen Link 866-833-6546. 

Tips for Talking to your Student

Prepare to talk with students with the following 3 steps.

Step 1: Take a moment for yourself

  • A breath to calm the body
  • Check in and acknowledge your own feelings.
  • Write down thoughts or share with a friend or colleague.

Step 2: Listen to students’ feelings and give age-appropriate answers​

  • Prepare to hear a range of feelings and be ready to model empathy and perspective taking. ​
  • Give brief, factual answers and remember it’s OK to not answer every question.
  • It’s okay to say that we don’t have all the answers and we may never have all the answers.

Step 3: Lead students into their familiar routines ​

  • Consistency will be important in the days to come.
  • Remember what we do best as educators.
  • We create a caring climate.​
  • We have warm, supportive relationships with students.​
  • We provide predictability that soothes students’ stress and provides stability.​

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Resources

24/7 Crisis Support: Please also know that all covered employees and their household adult family members have access to in-the-moment crisis counseling and referrals, no matter the time of day and including weekends and holidays. For in-the-moment support, call EAP at 877-313-4455

Individual/Relational Counseling: For individual and/or relational counseling, please call 877-313-4455. Visit the EAP website for more information.

Community Violence: Support and Resources Guide – The linked guide provides guidance and resources for all to use. 

Racism and Mental Health Resources – Resources on this web page provide guidance and a curated list of anti-racism and mental health resources.

Seattle Public Schools Resources

We will hold spaces today to support you an our students in the counseling offices, room 265 and room 264 with our Social Worker Ms. Carter.

Ivory D. Brooks
Rainier Beach High School