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Senior Pictures and Quotes Due by January 2, 2024!

Senior Pictures and Quote

Dear Seniors,

Senior Pictures and Quotes are due by January 2nd. You need to upload them at the same time.

Please see Mrs. Smith in Room 262 if you are having any difficulty. If you do not submit your own senior photo, we will use your school ID photo. If you do not submit a quote by the deadline, you will not have one included with your picture.

Picture Guidelines

  • Must be .jpeg file
  • Color photos only
  • Plain/neutral background preferred
  • Full face view, facing forward
  • Clothing and jewelry must fit school dress code guidelines
  • No creative filters or photographic treatments
  • No weapons or hand signs of any kind

Upload photos

Include your contact info, then choose Upload Your Portrait and follow the steps. This is where you submit your senior quote as well.

Quote Guidelines

  • Your senior quote can be 70 characters long (to fit space requirements)
  • Spaces, letters and punctuation count as characters!
  • Quotes from songs/other people should be put in quotation marks and the original author should be noted.
  • Drug, alcohol, gang, or other inappropriate references are prohibited. Senior quotes with any questionable content will not be included at all.
  • Ideas: thank people who have supported you the last four years, refer to the sports or activities you’ve been a part of, include part of a meaningful quotation or song lyric, talk about future plans, past accomplishments, or other important things.