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Running Start

Running Start Appeal Process

May 1 was the deadline to complete all steps in Parts 1 and 2 of the Running Start enrollment process (including sending proof of placement to your counselor). If you have not done these steps and you still want to participate in Running Start, you will need to follow the appeal process below. Please be prepared to provide a reasonable explanation as to why you missed this deadline.

About Running Start

Juniors and Seniors can take classes at a 2-year college that can be applied towards high school graduation and can transfer to colleges in Washington state and most colleges in Oregon.

Students can do full-time Running Start and take classes only at the college or do part-time Running Start splitting their time at Rainier Beach High School and the local college.

See bottom of page for colleges’ Running Start pages

Getting Started

It is important that you complete and enroll into Running Start by the deadline of May 1, 2023. Please read the information below carefully.   

Part 1: For Rainier Beach High School

  1. It is mandatory that you attend the RS Info session on April 3, 2023 at 10am in the library where you will receive directions on how to sign up for Running Start.
  2. If you need more support with the RS process, it is mandatory that you meet with the Running Start Advisors on April 20, 2023, at 10am in the library.
  3. If you miss these sessions, please schedule a meeting with the Running Start Advisors on your own time.
  4. Complete the RBHS Running Start Contract

Part 2: For the College

  1. Apply for admissions online to a local college such as South Seattle College, Seattle Central College, or North Seattle College 
    • It is free to apply to these three colleges.
    • In the application, when asked what your intended major area of study is, please answer: Running Start.
    • Within two business days of submitting your application, you will receive an email with your Student ID (SID) number. Please save that email.
  2. Activate your ctcLink account
  3. Take Placement Test at the college (see specific college links below). You must place into English 101. If you want to take math or science classes, you should also take the math placement test. Students may take an English Self-Directed Placement test and a Math Placement test online.

Part 3: Schedule meetings with your High School Counselor & Running Start Advisor

  1. Schedule a meeting with your high school counselor ONLY if you completed Part 1 & 2 to fill out the Enrollment Verification form (EVF). You will need to have the following completed by the time you meet with your high school counselor:
    • Signed RBHS Running Start Contract
    • Proof that you placed into English 101 or college-level Math
  2. Contact your college to schedule a registration appointment. Please email or bring the following materials to your appointment with your college advisor:
    • Completed and signed Running Start Enrollment Verification form
    • College-specific Running Start Contract form signed by student and parent/guardian (this is different from RBHS’s contract). Check your college’s Running Start page for the college specific contract. See chart below.
    • Copy of your Placement scores or alternative placement documents 
    • Book loan/fee waiver form signed by your High School Counselor (if applicable)
  3. Email your Rainier Beach Counselor a copy of your running start class schedule to confirm you are enrolled.

Part 4: For Attending Running Start

  1. Pay Course Fees – SPS covers tuition costs but students are responsible for paying for course fees such as lab fees, online fees, program fees, etc. 
  2. Purchase or rent books – Contact your college’s bookstore to determine what textbooks are required
  3. Services – Be sure to access the resources available to you at the college such as Advising, Tutoring, and the Disability Support Services.

College Running Start Resources

College Placement Test Information

  ***After registering to a local college, you will take the placement test to determine eligibility. Be sure to check out your local college’s placement testing info and schedule before visiting: