Rainier Beach High School

Rainier Beach
High School

Rainier Beach High School Policy for Recruiters

The following rules apply to all recruiters (employment, education, service-learning, extra-curricular, military, or military alternatives) who wish to recruit at Rainier Beach High School:

  1. All recruiters must receive written permission from a school administrator to recruit on campus prior to their visit. Contact Principal or Assistant Principal to receive permission. The aforementioned permission may be granted on a single-visit basis, or for the full school year.
  2. Recruiters must make appointments for the specific times they wish to recruit on campus. Recruiters must sign in at the main office before commencing any recruitment activities and sign out before leaving.
  3. Recruiters may set up in the following locations:
    1. Table in the school lunchroom.

    Recruiters who set up outside of designated areas will be asked to leave campus, unless they have been given prior permission to do so.

  4. Any information left by recruiters must be approved by school administration. The materials must be dated and include a clear contact name and phone number where students, staff, or others can reach the recruiter or agency with further questions.
  5. The counselors will keep a monthly calendar of all planned upcoming recruiter visits. The calendar will be clearly displayed in the main office and online.
  6. Recruiters from any branch of the military or its derivatives must be in uniform when recruiting.
  7. When military recruiters plan to be on campus, the school must notify and provide equal access for organizations that wish to counsel alternatives to, or provide more information about military service. If military recruiters provide literature or materials to students encouraging military service, then groups counseling alternatives must be able to provide their literature or materials in the same location.
    1. Military recruiters must give notice to administration about any recruitment activity 10 business days prior to planned visit.
  8. No recruiting of any kind may occur in a classroom or during an assembly.
    1. For the purposes of this policy, non-military recruiting, such as colleges, career opportunities and community-based organizations could take place if in conjunction with the stated curriculum and a person is invited into a classroom to talk about his or her experiences.
  9. No private recruiting appointments are to be held when the student is scheduled to be in class.
  10. Private recruiting appointments will be permitted if they are arranged through a school staff member, take place on campus, and the student consents to the appointment.
  11. Recruiting activities that are deemed to be interfering with the traditional activities of the school day will not be permitted.
  12. Seattle Public Schools Policy No. 3210 “Nondiscrimination, acts of hostility, or defamation” must be posted in written form wherever recruiting takes place.

These rules were created pursuant to Superintendent Procedure 4200 SP.B “Equal Access for Recruiters”