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    Various interscholastic sports are offered at Rainier Beach. Those participating in Metro sports and other extracurricular activities must be passing five academic subjects and maintaining a 2.0 GPA or above. Athletes must have a physical examination, purchase an Activity Card and purchase insurance. Time, effort, determination and good sportsmanship are a must for those wishing to participate in various sports.

    Athletic Director: George Foster | 206-252-6383

    High School Athletics Forms
    Rainier Beach High School Metro League Schedule

    Fall Sports

    Must have paperwork in before 1st day of practice

    Cross Country

    Head Coach: Stephanie Melrose 
            Practice:    3:00 pm -


    Head coach: Matt Holt


    Head Coach: Corey Sampson, 2nd  David Hughes, Jude Desti, J. Carter, Michael Johnson, Leon Hatch, Nick Ragland-Johnson, Quinton Jackson, Matt Saegesser, Sili Kalepo
            Practice:     M - F   3:00 - 6:00 pm   Sat  9:00 - 1:00 pm  
                      ****   AUGUST 31st Only  practice at 9:00 am   ****


    Head Coach: Alexandra Catibayan
            Practice:     M - F     4:00 - 6:30 pm

    Girls' Soccer

    Head Coach: Uchenna Aroh, 2nd Ashley Dobiash      Practice:  2:30 pm - 

    Winter Sports

    Winter Sports paper due date: Must have paperwork in before 1st day of practice

    Boys Basketball

    Head Coach: Mike Bethea, 1st Asst. coach: Harold Wright, David King, David BelMonte 

    Girls Basketball

    Head Coaches:  Mychal Ladd, Mary Willey


    Head Coach: Derek Lopez

    Spring Sports

    Spring Sports paper due date: Must have paperwork in before 1st day of practice


    Head Coach: Gerald Smiley 

    Boys Soccer

    Head Coach Richard Romain-


    Head Coach: Evan Tomchick


    Boys Head Coach: Derrick Brito
    Girls Head Coach: Bianca Greene


    Head Coach: Irvin MacQuarrie

    Ultimate Frisbee

    Head Coaches: Johnathan Masler, Molly Sinnot

    Athletic Applications, Brochures & More Information

    Athletic Forms & Applications

    Student Athletic Handbook - will be available in the fall

    Please visit the Athletic Department for more information.